Basic Vietnamese Phrases for Travelers

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Hereunder are the most frequently used one-for-one corresponding in Vietnam

HelloXin chao (xin chow)
How are you?Ban co khoe khong?
What is your name?Ten ban la gi?
My name is MarkTen toi la Mark
ShoppingMua sam
Motorbike TaxiXe om
How much?Het bao nhieu tien?
Too expensiveDat Qua
Thank youCam on
ToiletNha Ve Sinh
I am from EnglandToi den tu nuoc Anh
StreetDuong pho
How to get there?Den do bang cach nao?
How long?Bao xa?
Where are you from?Ban tu dau den?
I don’t want to buyToi khong muon mua
Noodle SoupPho (Phur)
DeliciousNgon qua
Bottoms upCan ly

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