Vietnam Visa – Things to know before you go

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Most visitors still need to apply for a Vietnamese visa in order to to enter the country. In general, Vietnamese visa is inexpensive in comparision to many other countries. The visa fees range between US$75 and US$150 if an application is sent directly to the Embassy or US$25-55 if the visa has been pre-approved.

For those who fly to Vietnam, visa on arrival (VOA) is the most convenient, economic and time-saving alternative. With VOA, you receive an electronic approval letter, which allows you to board the plane and obtain the visa stamp at Vietnam airports. This method of application works for both tourist and business visas, with a stay of up to 3 months.

Visa exemption updates

The Prime Minister has given the nod to a new regulation allowing overseas Vietnamese and their families to enter Vietnam without visas as of September 1, and the visa exemption decision meets overseas Vietnamese aspirations.

5-day visa free: Many travelers emailed us about the The 5-day visa-free stay scheme which was announced in 2002 and it seems to have been wishful thinking, however, we have never heard it used.

Visa tips:

  • Visa regulations are often changing, so check carefully before you are due to travel. Usually, it is possible to extend visas within Vietnam but not during the Party Congresses.
  • Visa extensions are often done with less than 1 week on your ongoing visa, and after 3 extensions, you must get a new visa. The fee is about 18-35USD.
  • It is advised that you apply for a visa to Vietnam one or two weeks in advance to avoid unwanted troubles or unnecessary express fee.

Vietnam Embassies And Consulates Abroad

Australia6 Timbarra Cresent, O’Malley,
Canada226 Maclaren Street, Ottawa, Ontario, KP2OL6 
France62-66 rue Boileau, 75016
United Kingdom12-14 Victoria Road, London W8 5
United States1233 20th Street, NW Suite 400. Washington, DC

Emergency Numbers in Vietnam

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Vietnam Fast Facts

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