Wind and Water Sports in Vietnam

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kitesurfing in Vietnam

Wind sports

Paragliding: Harnessed safely to your paragliding and soar freely in the wind. Paragliding lets you enjoy Vietnam’s beautiful view from above while enjoying your freedom and control. Paragliding services and courses can be found in Vietnam for levels from beginners to advanced:

Hanoi: Hanoi Paragliding Club


Ho Chi Minh city: Mekong Paragliding club

Water sports

Kite-surfing: With beautiful beaches, strong and steady winds, Mui Ne is quickly growing into one of the most popular kite boarding and windsurfing sights in Asia. The windy season starts around September/October and lasts until April/May. There are currently four certified Kite-surfing schools in Mui Ne:

  • Jibes at Jibes and the Full Moon Resort
  • Windchimes at the Saigon Mui Ne Resort

Surfing: Most Vietnamese beaches have fairly mild waves. The best place to surf in Vietnam is China Beach, Da Nang, near the North End. There are no waves during the summer but waves start to pick up from late September/October and may last until May. Vietnam doesn’t have any real surf shops that sell equipment or provide lessons yet, but a board can be rented in Da Nang from Tam’s Pub 43 Ho Xuan Huong street or by asking around in local hotels.

Softer waves suitable for beginners can be found in Mui Ne, Phan Thiet with rentals available around the area.

While the waves may not be world-class, one advantage is that you can have them to yourself!

Kayaking: Kayaking is one of the best ways to explore the beautiful waters and various limestone islands in Ha Long bay. Tours are available from 2 days to 2 weeks, with excellent guide and food. Many tours are a combination of kayaking and trekking, cycling. Kayak rentals and tours are provided by various centers:

Marco Polo travel:

Emergency Numbers in Vietnam

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